You’re getting marriiiiiied!!

This is a BIG DEAL.

We at Frank and Olive Wellness Collective know how stressful the wedding planning process can be, and want to help relieve some of that pressure.


in the name of #nostressbeforethedress (or whatever you choose to wear)

we’ve created a Wedding Prep Service Timeline for you to copy-paste into your pre-wedding day schedule to PRIORITIZE YOU amongst all the wedding event details!





💍 7 Days Before: Relaxation Services

This could include:

Take some time to pause and reflect on you in the present moment.

Ask yourself: How are you feeling? Are there tensions or any pain points in your body? What are your hopes for the week leading up to your wedding?

Holistic self-care will bring you some clarity and help you enter a calmer state, setting you up for an exciting week of marriage prep and last minute wedding details!


💍 3-4  Days Before: Face Related Services

includes: Facials and Face Waxing

  • Luxury or Refresh Facial
  • Brow Bar
  • Upper Lip Wax

Your face is front and center on your wedding day and we want you to feel gorg.

Give your face a few days to react and settle from any reactions, such as redness and changes in skin texture, to ensure even skin and seamless makeup application.


💍 3 Days Before: Waxing Services

includes: All Body Waxing

Just like your face, all surface areas of your body need time to react and settle from any reactions!

After Care: exfoliate and moisturize freshly waxed surfaces to keep skin smooth and hydrated.


💍 1- 2 Days Before: Nail Services


  • Manicure
  • Pedicure

A fun final touch to your fingers and toes.

Get your nails done as close to the Big Day as possible to prevent the chance of chipping and breakage.


💍 Thinking of getting a Spray Tan at Halo Exclusive???

Book your Nail Service appointments with us 1 day before a Spray Tan to give your body 24 HOURS to soak in all products used on your skin.


Halo Exclusive recommends that you get your Spray Tan 2-3 Days Before your wedding day.


💍 0 Days Before: WEDDING DAY


  • Get Hitched 👰‍♀️
  • Party hardy 🍾


Have a wonderful day celebrating this next step in your life!!!!

We love that we get to be a part of it!


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