Do you ever get bumps on your bikini line after removing unwanted body hair?

If your answer’s ‘yesssss’ 🙋‍♀️, chances are you’ve developed some ingrowns.

What is an Ingrown??

Basically, an ingrown is a new, weak hair that was unable to break through the skin, and instead curled back underneath.

How to Identify an Ingrown

From the outside, an ingrown hair looks like a pimple.

A bump on the skin, developed over top of the hair that can become inflamed, infected and painful.

Many times, the hair is visible through the top skin layer.

Ingrown Preventative Measures

The best method to prevent ingrowns is to properly take care of your skin! 🧡

  1. Exfoliate Every 2-3 Days
  • Removes the top layer of dead, dry skin and exposes a fresh

Some local products we recommend: Halo Exclusive -REVEAL Exfoliating Sugar Scrub  or   Pure Anada – Sugar Scrub

  1. Moisturize Daily
  • Hydrates and softens the skin, allowing your new hairs to break through the top layer

Some products we sell and love: I Love My Muff Kit  and  Hempz Lotions  and Hydromemory Body Lotion by Comfort Zone (sold in-studio)

Ingrown Treatment

If you have spotted an ingrown, know that with proper skin care they’ll usually take care of themselves! 🍦

Some practical ways to quicken the removal and healing process:

  1. Avoid Squeezing and Picking at the Ingrown Hair
  • Picking can add bacteria, cause infection, harm/scar the skin, and prolong the healing process 🙁
  1. Apply a Warm Wet Cloth and Pressure on the Ingrown
  • wet a cloth with warm water, place on ingrown and apply pressure for a few minutes. This will help soften the skin, reduce inflammation and open up your pores (possibly releasing the hair!!)


We hope this helps you treat your skin with love and ingrowns with care this Summer 🧡🍦


Frank 🍸